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In a skin I am attempting to create, I need the play and pause buttons to be just one button. Just to clarify, pressing this button would start playing a song, pressing this button again while a song is playing would pause the song and pressing it again would unpause it. Any idea how I would go about doing this?
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I think this is in the sysfunc.m file in skins\scripts
Im not a programmer so i don't know this...
Good luck..
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try RT's scripting spec at -


It _has_ to be there. Rhino has the most comprehensive
scripting spec on Wasabi!
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I suspect the easiest way to solve this would be to create a toggle button that, when it's enabled, it calls the play script, then when it's not, it calls the pause script.


Also, you should probably make sure it defaults to paused, that way, your first click makes it play.

[edited to mention a default]

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As he traveled to a far off land, he found he wasn't traveling alone, but that he had gained companions, and when they found their new land, they started work on a new temple, one that would be OPEN to all who wanted to worship.

from The Book of Wasabi C 12 Vs 09 (pg 2003)
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