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ffdshow/gabest splitter Problems using windows 8.1

Topic/Issue: Making MP4 videos work for Winamp 5.666 with Gabest splitter and ffdshow.

Ok. So I have read these articles so far:
and of course the main thread which to look at for reference:

Heres the thing though. I stumbled onto some problems. First off with the gabest splitter since my OS is a x64 it made errors. Luckily I found a source of which instead of installing into the System32 folder in the pathway C:\Windows\System32 i implemented/copied and pasted the gabest splitter file into the pathway or directory C:\Windows\SysWOW64 because the fact windows cancelled the execution due to the directory or the file being "x32/x86 and not x64." The file was registered successfully afterwards going back into console. ffdshow was pretty easy and the setup had no problems. But what led up to now is the fact that one video was able to play and it was nothing but high pitched screeching and no video but a picture of something while the other .mp4 videos I installed also were not being recognized either. As for the screeching I found that whats causing this is adding in Direct Show coder [in_dshow.dll] MP4;M4V into the rest of the file types to be recognized/used with direct show. Putting ;MP4;M4V back into Nullsoft MP4 Demuxer [in_mp4.dll] will let the audio work again for the video with the screeching yet back to phase one with no video. I really have no clue either as to if winamp is using ffdshow or gabest splitter. There was no other instructions in the reference url with putting the gabest file into winamps directory or any of the sort.

To basically summarize if you are buggered by all the info, basically I got ffdshow and gabest splitter installed successfully, but is winamp even using Gabest splitter or the ffdshow at all. Because from the looks of it, the only thing that actually made a difference was changing the in_ plug-in files and their options [in_dshow.dll/in_mp4.dll] which resulted as said one video screeching and showing a picture but no actual video in the video's tab.

Help much appreciated-
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ffdshow, gabest splitter, mp4, videos, windows 8.1

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