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jump to file window & "wrong place"

I have noticed annoying bug. I use winamp with hotkeys and my winamp is system tray.
I have place my winamp right "angle" (top right corner). When I use jump to file feature, that window popups, but its right corner. I want it popups middle of the screen! Now its keep popups wrong place, if I move my player also that popup moves.... Can you please fix this so I can keep my winamp in right corner and still that jump to file popups middle of the screen
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you've not provided any information about the version of Winamp you're using which makes this harder to help out with.

however with the current 5.58/5.59 Beta releases, as long as you've installed the JTFE (gen_jumpex.dll) plug-in then the last window position either in skinned or unskinned mode should be remembered when the window is closed for the next time it appears.

i've just tried on my Win7 and XP machines and that happens. the native (basic) version of the dialog never remembers it's position so maybe that's what you've got (is the only way i can reproduce the window appearing where the main window is everytime).

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