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Auto advance to next album or artist?


When playing music, currently the default seems to be that when the last song on any given album finishes, that's it. I then have to manually click on either the next album or artist.

I want Winamp to automatically advance to either the next album, or artist, which ever the case may be.

Example. Led Zeppelin 1 is playing, last song finishes, auto advance to 1st song on Led Zeppelin 2. If I only have 1 Led Zeppelin album and the last song finishes, then auto advance to the next artist in the library.

I do not want to have to come back to the PC and manually click the next album or artist, and I do not want to "create a play list", and I do not want album/song repeat.

Is there a setting for auto advance to next album or artist?
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Winamp plays only what is in the Playlist Editor. That is the current playlist.
The Playlist Editor knows nothing about albums or artists in the Library.
It merely plays whatever tracks are enqueued.
You are creating a playlist anytime you enqueue tracks.

Tracks can be enqueued manually in various ways, or by a script, but the PlayList Editor can't add tracks to itself.
A playlist with 50,000 tracks could last 4 or 5 months. You'd have to return to the computer only 3 or 4 times a year.

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