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Winamp 5.8 bug

I encountered very annoying bug in winamp 5.8.
I assume that its a bug.

I have been using winamp for years mostly without problems and i like to have all mu mp3 files sorted in certain way. After i rip or add media to winamp if artist / song names arent way i like it i edit them in mp3tag to format i like.

I also have music folder. In it i have folder named after each band and in band folder i have folder named after each album.

I have media library and playlist editors always opened opened and i add media by just dragging it to media library.

Last time i added band named "Fleshgod Apocalypse" by dragging band folder to media library. After adding i choosed it from media library and it started to play. Then i started to edit playlist in playlist editor and noticed that i added album i didnt want to add and that i forgot to edit some stuffs. So i removed files from media library by right clicking fleshgod apocalypse songs and remove. But i didnt do anything with playlist.

Then i closed winamp. Deleted folder i didnt need, edited some files with mp3tag.
Started winamp and added edited fleshgod apocalypse by dragging folder into media library.
After that i double clicked song from playlist editor. Songs in playlist editor were from first time i didnt re-add em by double clicking band from media library.

And that messes up winamp. Now whenever i start winamp and double click band from media library winamp doesent start playing songs. Play icon lights up in main window, but nothing happens. I have to press manually play button in main window which freezes winamp for about 10 seconds. After what songs start to play and winamp works.
I can change artist / song and everything works fine. Until i restrt winamp. If i close it and start up again then it starts to work only after it freezes after pressing a button.

If i remove fleshgod apocalypse from media library t doesent fix it.
To fix i have to uninstall winamp deleting all preferences. And then when i add media i cant add anymore fleshgod apocalypse. If i add that band back to winamp it starts to freeze again.

So seems that somehow desynchronization between media library and playliost editor messes up winamp.
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