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IPOD Transfer - Why .aac transcoded to .mp3?

Say I get a youtube video, demux it, and try to put the .aac on the IPOD... it will transcode it to .MP3 even though .aac is an Apple format?

winamp 5.601 (x86); IPOD click wheel 5th gen (bono video one)
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We only support the latest version, currently 5.623

Are you sure your iPod supports raw .aac and not just aac inside an MP4 container with .mp4 or .m4a extension?

When you view the file info for the .aac files in Winamp, does it say the Profile is LC or HE-AAC
As far as I know, iTunes/iPod doesn't even support he-aac in an mp4 container, only AAC LC.

Basically, when Apple refers to AAC, it means AAC LC inside an MP4 container (usually with an .m4a extension, if audio only).
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Thanks for reply:

@version totally understand, just wanted to state I should have a recent enough version for this feature.

Raw Format: AAC MPEG-4 LC-AAC

You are correct if I just transfer the MP4 it will work. It is not working in raw format. I always get the 720p and delete the video portion to reduce space.

I guess I can just mux the audio back into a MP4 alone. I have noticed the raw AAC file has a variable bitrate and the muxed version does not? Before I unmuxed to raw it is 151cbr, when I remuxed it, it was 151cbr again.

Off topic but any idea why that is? File size reduces a little but I would not think it affects quality if it was originally the same bitrate.

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