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Starting song on specific time


I would like to create a playlist in which i define where each song starts, is this possible? What pluging would i need?

Some background:
Many songs have an intro, sometimes the intro is a few seconds, sometimes several minutes. I would like to be able to define for each song in my playlist to skip the intro. In other words: indicate where winamp should start playing the song.

thanks in advance
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I am looking for the same thing but can't seem to find it. Honestly, given all of the functionality Winamp has, it's a bit surprising that something so basic is not there.
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sounds like you're both describing cue support which has been on the wishlist for years and was generally serviceable via 3rd party plug-ins.
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Thanks for the quick reply Dr O.

I see posts going back to 2006 that say native support for cueing is coming soon. Looks like it never made it.

I understand it's a grey area determining what features should be native, and which ones should be plugins. As a Winamp Pro user, I really think this is a fundamentally native part of the functionality one would expect in a playlist.

Here's how I envision it: Many songs these days have long intros and outros. When creating a playlist, it's sometimes used for a special occasion or event and you want the mood to be just right. Having long intros, outros or silent periods between songs is a mood killer. We should ideally be able to show some type of slider on each playlist entry and easily slide the start and stop points to our liking. This information would be saved as fields in the playlist file.

Further, as a pro user, I don't think I should have to dig through lengthy forum posts to find outdated plugins to get basic functionality.

Just to drive the point home, iTunes includes it... iTunes man! The worst, most dumbed down, Idiocracy style player in history has this feature built in.


PS - Glad to hear Winamp was acquired, I look forward to see where development will go.
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all of what you have said are valid points. and yes it was intended to have native support but then plans and resources, etc change and as 3rd party options were available to provide the functionality, there was less of an immediate need to implement it natively (however much it should / could have been).

as for the pro user point, it's always been open to debate as to what should be native and what should not / via a plug-in as one mans essential feature is another's bloat. either way, we shall just have to wait and see what happens with the desktop and it's features in future releases.
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