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Ability to input 4 audio sources

Hi there!

I just want the ability to launch Winamp/DSP 4 times (4 sources) and have each instance capture it's own stream. I have an 8 input MOTU capture device for this.

For example, my radio station setup would be like this:

Classic Rock: Audio Input 1-2
Talk Sports: Audio Input 3-4
Ambient: Audio Input 5-6
News: Audio Input 7-8

In each example, its a stereo pair I would capture audio for.

I need to be able to capture audio from each station, encode them separately on a single computer and then send each separate stream to my IceCast / Shoutcast server.

See the attached screen shot. The 'Input Device' only defaults to 'Soundcard' input (which is set to only Input 1-2). So if I had just 1 radio station, this would be easy. But I have 4 radio stations here locally.

The Input Device dropdown does not have the multi inputs which are in fact available. The funny thing is the multi inputs DO appear on the Soundcard Mixer Control on th bottom which is weird. I don't know why the Input Device dropdown only has the one option.

As it stands, it looks as if I need to buy 4 computers and each with it's own capture card in order to do this but really I'd like to be able to do this with one computer.

Any thoughts, ideas on how I can load Winamp 4 times along with DSP and then have each edition of DSP with it's own separate input for each station?

Thank you so much!
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because that's just how the Source DSP works with the soundcard input mode (and harks back to it being aimed at the older audio capture methods from the Win9x days.

the default system input device is what is shown in the part that is highlighted. allowing it select _any_ device as the input device is a known issue / complaint (however you want to view it as noted at http://forums.winamp.com/showthread.php?t=348318#known) with the whole of the soundcard input mode needing to be re-implemented to support what you want.

though sadly it's massively low on my list of things to do on the plug-in so for the foreseeable time you'd need to instead more look at using another DSP before the Source DSP (so via a DSP stacker) and that capture the different device input or use a different line-in plug-in which can get from the input wanted and then you have the Source DSP pulling from the Winamp input.

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Thanks for the reply. That does help quite a bit. We'll give those tips a try.

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the other thing to remember is that you'd need to have 4 distinct Winamp or just 4 distinct settings folders as doing multiple instances of the same Winamp install won't remember the settings correctly (at least with the Source DSP settings).

the last bit of http://forums.winamp.com/showpost.ph...09&postcount=2 shows how to do that - so you then have one Winamp install and 4 settings folders rather than 4 separate Winamp installs which makes it trickier to make sure that you've got everything on the same version.

though as a caveat to that, it assumes that you're using plug-ins which support the settings folder api (a lot of plug-ins especially ones before 2003 don't).

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