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new go to sleep function

Hello people.

I'm not really into programming or anything. (I've got my owm website with php, but C and that kind of shit is beyond my knowledge) But since I always like it if people make comments on my website so I can make stuff better. Anyways. I thought of a function for winamp that I would use every evening. Some kind of possibility to play a song and tell winamp to close winamp & windows afterwards. Or maybe after a couple songs. With this function you can go to sleep and still let a few songs play, without having to get out of bed and shut the computer down. Maybe also usefull if you leave your room/house.....

Hope some people think its a good idea
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I'm pretty cerain there's already a plugin that does this, have you checked the plugins page ?
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there are a bunch of plugins with this function.. some that allow you to shutdown winamp and/or computer at the end of playlist, at the end of the song, at a specified time, or at the end of a time limit(play for 10 minutes then shut down)...

search for 'timer' or 'shut down' in the plugins section... (there are probably better search terms, but those should come up with more than enough results)

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