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Thanks go to Quaxar!

Have you tried to sort a playlist by Title, and found that the sort doesn't seem to work properly? (Even though all the ID3 tags are correct and in place). The reason that this happens is that, even though Winamp has set up the playlist for display in the panel, it hasn't stored the Title details in the detailed form necessary to execute the sort. This is what you have to do:

The best way is to create a New (blank) Playlist, and add the file(s) and directory(s) you want in it. BUT FIRST go to Winamp\Options\Preferences\Options and be sure that the "Read titles on load" (at the top) is checked. After this the sort should work OK.

If you already have a Playlist set up, and don't want to recreate it, there is this alternate method. Slowly scroll down the entire Playlist (from top to bottom) - you will hear the hard disk chattering. Then scroll up (more quickly) to assure that no track has been missed. After this, the sort should be OK.
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