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WinAmp3 API

Is a WinAmp API planned for WA3? I coded a DLL which will fetch things like Sampling rate or the bitrate of a song. However, WA3 does not seem to support things like that.
Also, I could'nt find anything like the Frontend.h for WA3. As for me, the 2 most important calls would be really neat if they would work:
j = SendMessage(hwndWinamp,WM_WA_IPC,0,IPC_GETINFO);
j = SendMessage(hwndWinamp,WM_WA_IPC,1,IPC_GETINFO);
It would be great if you would build in such thingy for WA3 as well.
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Winamp3 has a different API now, you will build components rather then plugins and you need to download the Wasabi API in the NSIS section of this site. It will give you the classes and other functions available.
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API calls

Hi. I am also a bit sad over the missing api calls in winamp 3.
I really think you should add the same as in winamp 2:

It was a nice was to allow all kind of programmers to code stuff for winamp, now they have to do c++ in order to use the new component way.

Please consider making the api calls. Else you should code a component for winamp 3 that could parse the api messages and post them the new way to winamp 3.


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