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Webpage within winamp window (general plugin)


All i want to do is display an HTML like google.com in a new winamp plugin window.

I downloaded the SDK sample for a general purpose plugin, but have NO idea whats going on in them C files.

Does someone maybe have an example of how this is done, or maybe help inserting this 'link' into the general purpose plugin?

Your help will be greatly appreciated!

My first post!

(i did a search through the forum for something similar, no results. please point me in the right direction if im lost)
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you'd need to create an embedded window (look for embed in wa_ipc.h) and then use the window handle from that as the parent for a html control that you implement (should be enough examples on the web for doing that). or possibly look into the wasabi/HTMLContainer.h implementation provided in the current winamp sdk which is pretty much what winamp uses for the now playing and online services plugins which do a similar thing.

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thanks a lot DrO. your information led me to the "Online Services" option in the media library, which is realllly easy to work with and exactly what i need.
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