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Would like to write XM radio plugin

While I used to be able to listen to XMradio through winamp, their merging with Sirius has made this impossible (the way I used to).

Here is the problem:
1) The URLs for their streaming stations are dynamic, and require authentication. But once the URL is determined, it can be played by winamp.

So I've written some Visual Basic code that will accept my XM radio online account information (username/password), perform authentication, and then generate the URL for a channel I would like to listen to. But this needs to be run everytime I change channels. I would like to do this from WITHIN WinAmp.

Does anyone have any example source for writing plugins? I have not been able to find any informaiton... perhaps I am looking in the wrong place.

Basically the plugin will need to do the following:
1) Allow a place to input username/password
2) Make some calls http calls
3) Show the list of stations (this can be retreived from a web source, or stored locally - perhaps as text or XML)
4) Everytime a station is selected, make some more http calls
5) Populate the "File->play URL" with the results of previous http calls

I believe this should be fairly straight forward, but other than downloading the SDK, I dont know where to begin. Where is the documentation, or the "Hello World?"

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