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How do you manage multiple DJs and access

I have two shoutcast stations - Right now I'm using sc_trans to stream archived playlists.

I am setting up live shows on my stations right now, with DJs that apply. But how do people on here handle secured access to the servers? I don't think its feesable that I be around every time someone does a live show. Do you give your DJs full access to your streams so they can kick the current stream and then go live themselves? I'm always worried about giving people I don't know admin type access to things.

I'm setting this up right now

So help make sure and make it easier for DJs to display the proper info when streaming. But I need to figure out how to setup access so they can kick the stream then go live. It would be awesome if there was a mysql database / script out there that would do automate a lot of this. (wish I was better at coding)

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!
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I use SAM2 and control everything via PAL scripting. I do not give anyone direct access to the stream servers, no passwords have to be given out and the such.

Each broadcaster live simply starts up their own DNAS which I connect directly to. The script controls the connection time precisely and disconnects at the determined time all with no intervention at all. Basically instead of the DJ streaming direct to my server I pull the feed from them and process it through SAM.

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I guess I really need to start looking at sam...

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with our servers you can add there name to our msn bot and give them the access and then they can start stop kick and pass servers to other djs all by simple easy commands

if you have on our demand servers you can also start and stop those just by saying the magic words to the bot allthough we dont support sc_trans

this will give u full controls and you wont have to give out any passwords atall keeping everything secure.

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