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Buy a DVD with Visualizations

Hey guys... newb here and of course the opening question

I have a HUGE party im DJ-ing in 2 weeks and they hired a shitty A/V company to do the setup. they are setting up a big projection screen behind me and i need to play something on it. I really love the Winamp VIS but ive searched for few hours now with no success. I found tutorials but i dont need to sync the musik to the visualizations. I just simply need a DVD with this stuff playing randomly.

If its really impossible to get the winamp one on a DVD , where could i buy such DVD's ????

Thanks for all the help in advance
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You can't buy it.

Using |AVSGrabber| (at the bottom of the page) you can record what you see. That way, you can make a video yourself. Make a list of the presets you like, copy them to a seperate folder, and make AVS only shuffle through those presets (avs > settings > presets\hotkeys > click the wide button (says 'all' by default) and change it to the folder you created.)

There's one catch: You'll have to add avsgrabber to the bottom of every preset in that list for it to work. You could of course play it live from a laptop or whatnot.

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way too impractical.. for me avsgrabber usually crashes around 200 grabbed frames. camtasia is more reliable, but slows down avs at the same time. in other words, this all sucks. i'd download some videos made with processing from vimeo. or ask around at vjforums.com!
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