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how to mass update cover art


Currently , winamp don't save the album art in the file itself. It but a %album%.jpg file in the folder and reads that.

make sense in some cases, but I have a few big folders with mostly a mixed bunch of songs , so i like to have the art included in the file.

Currently not possible with winamp, but this is a free workaround that seems to do the job :

- make sure your mp3 have the album tag filled. This you can do with winamp. select all the songs you like to tag in the playlist and then chose send-to / Auto-tag with the right mouse button
- get Album art downloader , its a great tool for finding in mass the art covers of your mp3 songs. the program used to be on sourceforge , http://sourceforge.net/projects/album-art/ . version 0.34.1 seems to do the job
- In Album Art downloader make sure in the options to specify to save as %album%.%extension% , then chose the folder with all the files you like to look for album art (again specify options) and chose the sites where you like to browse for art.. its very nice done. ( i seem to have to specify as well %album%.%extension% in the find image folder ..) . When searching in auto mode, you will have now all the art covers saved in the folder where your music is. This way, Winamp can already read them. so if you dont want to embed you can stop here else ...continue
- download free mp3tag v2.46a
- in mp3tag select all your songs and do a shift-alt-5 , chose the action "import cover from file" . the program ask you for a string, so now type %album%.jpg

eh voila ...all your artwork is embedded ..
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forgot 1 step

you have to save in mp3tag ..otherwise it dont to jack sh ..
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