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No, lol, me, my friends and family did not do a study on it. I really just created this because I felt like it and wanted to share my own thoughts at the time and see who agreed with me and what other people thought what the greatest song of all time in north america could be. I basically did it because I had no idea it would cause a problem with almost everybody who currently comes to post in this general discussion. Also I said north america which means that Canada's included and I'm from Canada. Where the song Angel from Sarah Mclachlan is still popular. Perhapes not in the states because the majority of Canadians and American's really mostly only care about what's sang from singers in there country And I am not at all one of them for I am completely truthfull following my feelings about what songs I like dispite differences!! (not saying that any you guys are or not since I don't know that)
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I think less that it's a country thing (although the two differ) than just culture and such. Some Canadian artists are cool, I just don't think Sara McLachlan (sp?) won a lot of votes in the US, and something tells me this poll is less US than Canada, if it's got any truth in it whatsoever. I'm saying that these songs probably give a better idea of Canada than the entirety of North America, as the US is a major part of said continent.

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It is all resolved and it is all good. I am just waiting for the white souls, BEST SONGS IN THE FRICKEN UNIVERSE post. Its rather wet and derry here and I need a some good humor.
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