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God. This will be one topic that I've been meaning to write for a long time. This is my way of telling all of you how life sucks. This is a post for people to bitch about their day, at work, at school, anywhere.

Here we go....

Ok. School is a bitch, 4 more gloriful years left. Get up at 6:30, catch the bus, and listen to my english teacher say "mmhmm" every 5 seconds when a persons talking. i cant sleep, cuz if i do, i get a "bad participation grade" and people yell at me. then after going thru my hellish day, i get to do football shit. wow, a wet field! mud up to our ankels! hell, why dont we go to the other field, coach? "No, practice here, but first do exorcises. So we sit and lay down in this shit, wet cold smelly shit, and get absolutly covered in mud. then when my knee gives out after having 6 people lay on it for a minute, the coach tells me to finish running sprints for the next 30 mins before i go to the trainer. what a fucking bitch. then she tells me to "hang in there" and gives me about 6 ice cubes in a paper bag. even tho its twice its normal size, black and blue, and still getting larger, she tells me to "suck it up" and try to finish practice. am i the only bright person in the god fersaken sports program? so after running, i go to the doctor, and he tells me that i fractured the patella, (kneecap), and that it wouldnt have happened if i had kept off it for the rest of the practice. so i get it xrayed, a 2 hour "convienence" to my cluttered schedule, and now have 3 hours of homework to do in 20 mins. so im outta FB for 2 months, then i have to wear a brace for 3 or 4 months, and still on top of that i have to hand in homework. homework that i did like last year, and because of that, already know how to make fucking "box and whisker" plots and "histograms" and if i dont finish this, my average gets "nudged" down to a low C. fuck, i hate my life. im gonna get an online journal soon just to bitch about how unfair life is.


back to work.

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