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10,000 Days

Alright, so here it is.

I wanna hear what you guys think of this amazing new album from the Progressive masters, Tool.

It ties

1993's Undertow,

1996's �nima


2001's Lateralus,

but it also brings in a new direction for their music. If you have it you'll definetly agree with me on how amazing the artwork is. The implication of stereoscopic lenses to focus the album art into a 3D journey is worth the $20 alone...

The tracks of highlight for me are:
Wings for Marie/10,000 Days. Simply the most epic piece of recording I have ever come across; 17 minutes of excellence. I reckon this one beats Reflection and Parabol/Parabola off Lateralus.

Vicarious and Jambi are heavier providing links to their earlier recordings, and Vicarious being very similar to Lateralus' Schism.

The Pot, well that's somethging very unique, as is Lost Keys/Rosetta Stoned. Finally, Intension, Right in Two and Viginti Tres are all perfert tracks to draw the album to a calming close.

Danny Carey as a drummer has delved into some amazing skill in this album, Jasons bass lines are brought to a new level, Jones' works well with Maynard's vocal style on the album, overall the musician ship is impecable.

It took a couple of listens to get used to but the musical direction in this 10,000 Days is simply amazing...

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Tool are on my "crap or not crap" list, along with some latter-day New Order.

I have to memorize 479 indie pop tracks before giving way to anything new.

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I've got the new Tool but it's stuck behind the new Godsmack on my playlist.
I'll get back to you on it.
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I was just getting ready to start a new thread about this album. But before stopping here, I checked in the General Discussions and saw your avatar in a post. Right then, I knew I had been beat to it.

Anyway, I saw the artwork for this in mid-March. Leading up to the final days before its release, I had been telling myself that it was a joke, ever since I heard the title and read the track listing. But as the day neared closer with no change in sight, I started to resign myself to the fact that this would actually be Tool's new album. One thing I didn't like was the artwork. I had imagined something new, different. Lateralus seemed like sort of a side-project to me, but the artwork for this album is very similar. When I picked this up at the store yesterday however, the fog lifted and I began to truly appreciate it.

The stereoscopic lenses are really nice, though it took me a minute to remember how to use these and correctly focus my eyes. The entire packaging is really impressive.

The music is, well, fantastic. I had heard Vicarious on the radio a few times, and tuning in in the middle of the track, instantly recognized it as Tool. Instrumentally, the songs reminds me very much of Schism, from Aenima. Lyrically, I'm reminded of Intolerance, from Undertow, though I can't exactly put a finger on why that is yet. Jambi is a fucking awesome song. I love Adam's contributions in this, especially near the 4:10 mark. I can't wait to see this in concert.

Wings For Marie is still rather unexplored for me at this moment, I've heard it twice so far but I haven't much time alone to fully appreciate it yet. I can't help thinking this is somehow a tribute to Keenan's mother. 10,000 Days is another wonderful song. I'm reminded of The Patient, from Lateralus, musically, but the lyrics tie in perfectly with Wings For Marie.

The Pot is another strange song, the beginning is certainly deceiving. I felt as if I were listening to A Perfect Circle's eMotive. As the song progresses however, the band stomps on the clutch and throws this song into fifth gear as they explode with a full onslaught of rock. This is certainly one of my favorite songs.

Lipan Conjuring was expected, but unprepared for. Lost Keys was a very difficult song to listen to the first time. I had a feeling that it would progress into the following track, but until I really paid attention to the lyrics I couldn't understand why. Leading into Rosetta Stoned, I knew right away that it was going to be good. The first listen reminded me of Third Eye, from Aenima, but I sure wan't expecting such a humorous recollection from the man in the story. As I posted in another thread the lyrics are very hard to decipher, but what I could make out made me burst in to laughter. I'm sure I heard something about "Krispy Kremes" somewhere in there.

Intension is a truly beautiful song. It transitions perfectly into Right In Two, which is quickly becoming my favorite Tool epic. Ending with Virgini Tres was also expected, considering the ending with Faaip De Oiad, on Lateralus. It's not one of my favorite tracks on this album, but I can easily see how it fits in.

All in all, this is an absolutely terrific album. If you think you enjoyed Aenima or Lateralus, you ain't seen nothin' yet.

Spiral out, my friend. You will find your way back to yourself, we all will.
I'll be waiting, and shall see you on the other side...

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Well I've had some time to listen to the album a few more times now. Tool's music have always been very emotional and moving to me, it's all about finding that perfect connection in harmony with the music. I've never been a very religious person, but the compilation of Wings For Marie/10,000 Days has brought tears to my eyes. Reading about Keenan's mother's recent death has fully come out in this song, I feel this is his final farewell to her.

These lyrics are what finally took me to my knees:

You're the only one who can hold your head up high,
Shake you first at the Gates saying,
"I've come home now.
Fetch me the Spirit, the Son, and the Father,
Tell them their pillar of faith has ascended.
It's time now!
My time now!
Give me my!
Give me my Wings!"

The reference to 10,000 days supposedly comes from the fact that, after suffering a stroke, Judith Marie, Keenan's mother, was paralyzed for roughly 10,000 days before dying.

Spiral out, my friend. You will find your way back to yourself, we all will.
I'll be waiting, and shall see you on the other side...
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I've had it for a few weeks now, and I do like it.

But it feels more along the lines of Lateralus 1.5 to me, to be honest with you. I don't think they put as much time into this album as the previous recordings. Maynard also seems too distracted for Tool these days, I can't explain why.

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The bass work is some of the best they've ever put out. I'm extremely pleased with how that came out.

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