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New Anandamide Milkdrop 2 Mixed Media Presets

Hopefully this works on everyone's box. We did some work to make sure they worked at different aspect ratios. I'm just uploading this preset pack on our webpage, considering these two presets are almost 6mbs.

Also, please do not just mash them up with code which completely disregards color theory, or fucks up the perspective and take our names out. I mean technically you could, but you would really, really suck. As a matter of fact, I would rather like it if anyone trying to remix these put the work in by taking the time to custom create, modify, or re-appropriate existing code in a manner that pays close attention to aesthetics.

All in all these textures where created out of at least 50 + photographs. I did all the photography also. I'm pretty sure everything in these presets, code and textures, is ours.

Also, I've been writing this track recently while working on these...

You could say I've got this affinity for remixing oz stuff currently... I found an old children's piece of vinyl with a Disney version of the wizard of oz to accompany a book that was not with the vinyl. It's where the samples come from...

Anyway, I think I included all the textures needed... I will check later, if this look broken please inform me.

P.s. one of these images comes from some gallery work we have done...
We also have a very nice wide format printer, if anyone wants printed copies just contact us.

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