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anyone know this movie?

my friend was telling me a while ago about some old movie, i think like 2006 or something like that, it was about a really really dumb dude (yeah i know great description), don't really remember much, but he said it was the best comedy movie he'd ever seen and it had some song thing, explaining how the guy was his own uncle i think.

yeah, if anyone can help me figure out what that was it'd be nice

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Sebastian Grey
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First thought which flashed in my head after your explanation was - Where's my car, dude? Anyway, i don't consider this movie to be a comedy worth wathing...
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Dude, where's my car?
Where's your car, dude?


Napoleon Dynamite?
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Sorry guys i do not know any thing about this movie i never hear about this.
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i don't know about this movie
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I am using my mind but i am not reminding of such a movie. Well 1 wait for it and i will tell you after consulting with my friends.
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I don't know but if you want to enjoy a comedy movie then Hangover is one of my favorite,this is superb comedy so if you don't have seen then watch it once...
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