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LAMEDLL.DLL in Shoutcast 1.8.2


Where can I find information about how to compile my own LAMEDLL.DLL from the latest LAME sources?

It's not the same format as Lame_Enc.dll (which is the standard lame dll format), and I would love to incorporate Lame 3.91 (the latest version) into my shoutcast stream.

Lame 3.91 wich the --alt-preset option *tremendously* increases quality at a given bitrate - it sounds impressive even at 96k stereo.

If I had information on lamedll.dll, I could just build a dll that hardcoded this option on, and use it to my hearts content.

I've tried searching for lamedll.dll, and google only reports a single (non-relevant) hit.

Since (as far as I know) Nullsoft are required to make the source code for their modified LAMEDLL.DLL available according to the terms of the LGPL, I'm hoping that someone knows something about where to find it, or a spec.

Of course, if they were to release version 1.8.3 with the latest LAME version and more configuration options made available, that would be good too .


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We are up to Shoutcast 1.9.0 now with AAC+ which is nice but Leif has a point. Using a custom DLL which cannot be updated is not good. Lamedll.dll is still using a very old version of Lame from 2001.

Everyone I know now uses Oddcast for MP3 streaming since it uses the standard Lame.dll and is easily updated.

I suggest Nullsoft modifies Lamedll.dll to simply call the standard lame.dll and supply both DLL's in Shoutcast.

While I'm at it, any chance of adding WMA streaming support to Shoutcast using enc_wma.dll? !!!

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To refresh this theme ...
so .. how to replace, edit, patch lamedll.dll .. for Shoutcast DSP plugin v1.9.0
I need it because i wont to make my stream at 64k/48kHz/mono, and i know that lame can make that and i wont latest lame in shoutcast, but so far there is no one preset with 48khz attribute.
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Holy mother of old threads, batman! That was 2002 . Obviously I gave up, and wrote my own streaming encoder instead. It's called Leifcast. I may release it this year, if I can find some time between all the other radio-related projects, such as Breakaway Broadcast Processor.

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Wow that was a mega bump
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Tried my suggestion, it does not work.

Carry on.
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My lamedll.dll is dated Thursday, August 02, 2001, 6:11:00 PM

If you want to use presets, I think you would be better off with Oddcast3.. er Edcast now http://www.oddsock.org/tools/edcast/

There is a line in the config to set the lame preset (LAMEPreset=-1):
13 = medium
14 = mediumfast
6 = standard
7 = standardfast
8 = extreme
9 = extremefast
I had those written down in a file (I have a modified lame3.93.1 dll that has "special" presets ).

I have no idea now to replicate this with the shoutcast DSP plugin.

Good luck.
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