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Log who goes on air - when they connect and disconnect?

My old web designer created something ages ago that logged who went on air - it would show in a table their show name e.g. "The Breakfast Show" - it would have a time e.g. 6.30am and be in a green box - and then a time such as 10am and in a red box with green beign connected and red being disconnected.

I'm wanting to know if anyone knows how to do this? I currently have a problem with presenters missing shows, often just not bothering to turn up so something similar and easy to read would allow us to see who exactly was sticking to the schedule. The script my web designer did is still online, the problem is he had it hosted on his own website and seems to have vanished for a while now. The script is also pointing at our old server, a testing server now.

Does anyone know of a way to do this. It would really help us and my station.

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It's easily done if you have access to the sc_trans or sc_serv logs. I do that here with a simple bash script.
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