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Do you think mac users are less intelligent?

This one goes to the developers!

People using mac are not necessarily looking for simple and featureless. They already got that, give us the not-crap version of winamp for macs. I've been using this program all my life (and thank you it's great!) but what I just downloaded for my new first mac ain't that.

Don't judge people by their operating systems.

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I am awfully close to taking my new mac mini back due to items like this.

While I seriously like some of the features of the new Lion OS (the multiple desktops are very handy) - I am SOOOoooo frustrated with constantly running up against things just being too "simple" - and by simple I do not mean easy.

Simple when it actually hurts functionality is annoying. Media Monkey? nope. Winamp - dumbed down. Blu-Ray? Only with much hoop jumping. How about just being happy with iTunes? Sigh....

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