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Quinto Black CT v1.7 (Release)

Skin Name: Quinto Black CT v1.7

Author: PeterK.

Type: Modern Skin

File Extension:

SHA-1: D749F0EF3BAE4304DF080935F1AAF5B5CB4646E9

Size: 2287 KB


- added: external Spectrum Analyzer (contains Spectroscope only)
- added: context menu option "Display Glass Opacity"
- added: context menu option "Display Lights Off/On"
- added: context menu option "No Visualizer on Main Player"
- added: context menu option "No Playback Status/Show Signs/Show Text"
- added: context menu option "Show Empty Space/Show "Min Sec"/Show VU Meter (digital) on Main Player"
- added: Goldenrod color scale to the VU Meter (analog)
- added: blinking PAUSE status sign/text on Main Player's display
- added: additional lights to VU Meter (analog)
- added: additional lights to Video info display

- changed: context menu name "Spectrum Analyzer" to "Spectroscope" (which is the proper term definition according to Winamp Wiki)
- changed: the Classic Spectroscope peak's color is gray and not red
- changed: Spectroscope peak's colors on Main Player match the colors on external Spectrum Analyzer
- changed: digits sort order in context menus (highest number at the top, lowest at the bottom)
- changed: Visualizer's color names which now match external Spectrum Analyzer
- changed: color of Timer-, Songinfo-, Playlist- and MediaLibrary-text to light blue
- changed: size of the Video info display

- fixed: Songticker Scrolling works also on MediaLibrary display

- removed: green Visualizer color
- removed: different VU Meter (analog) MENU button colors. There is only one now.
- removed: VU Beige, VU Blue, VU Brown color themes
- removed: needle shadow (makes the needle look dull)

Download Link: Here


Additional notes:

1. All Oscilloscope Styles and Spectroscope Bandwidth "Thin" stretch from bottom to top and from left to right of the entire display area. As soon as you choose the bars Spectroscope Bandwidth "Wide" goes from the bottom to the top of those bars only! Both components, Visualizer on the Main Player and Spectrum Analyzer work according to this pattern. I also would like to mention that audio visualization on the Main Player should provide three different channels as described on Winamp Wiki site. It says:

"Channel: One of three values for which channel to monitor: "1" is left channel, "2" is right channel, "3" is stereo. Default is stereo."

Choosing "1" or "2" shows absolutely no difference! Left channel looks like right channel and vice versa. Hence we only have STEREO.

2. Randomly appearing graphical/visual glitches are not caused by the skin. On Windows XP I have seen many times Main Player's parts showing through a blank Firefox tab background, while on Windows 10 rests of the additional PLAYBACK AREA on MediaLibrary are sometimes still visible on the left side after switching to NOFRAME (I made a post regarding this problem some months ago). Some users also see text lines in ABOUT page in different colors, which is not caused by my skin.

3. Adding new context menus, which required exactly the same names/terms, caused some problems because Winamp will not "allow" the same entries even if they are part of different options with different gui's. This is the reason why many context menu entries and especially attributes had to be renamed.

All those changes might cause slight "confusion" after a fresh install of the 1.7 update.
Please excuse this inconvenience!

As mentioned above, I also changed the sort order of context menu options containing digits. From now on the highest number is on the top, while the lowest takes place at the bottom, according to the simple pattern of every thermometer.

Thank you!
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