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My wish came true

Hallelujah!! I have purchased Winamp many years ago and I was extremely disappointed when I saw that it is discontinued. Still using it, and a few days ago I said, hey, let's see what happened with the website, and... TATAAAA!! Winamp is back!

I am very very happy that I don't have to look for alternatives in a few years when this version might become incompatible or I will need some new feature

So welcome back!!!

PS: But I also have a small request... I am using now a small plugin that helps me delete playing song with a click on the taskbar, it's called Deleter, you can find it here: https://winampheritage.com/plugin/fi...eter-v2/141713

I'd love to see the functionality introduced in a future Winamp, if it's not already there and I am missing it somehow...

Thank you, and again, WELCOME BACK!!!! I am soooo so happy!
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