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Neat use of two streams from DSP.

Just thought I'd share. I have both a Windows 8.1 box, and a Mac Mini Yosemite box.
Winamp on the Windows box is the only place I can make the Shoutcast Source DSP work - there doesn't appear to be one for the OS X platform.
So just out of interest I now have one stream configured coming from the Windows machine, like this.;stream.mp3 (Note the use of the ; as in 8080:/;stream.mp3, allowing it to play in Safari)
... or, of course I can use, however ... Safari doesn't like this,and downloads the pls file. Clicking that plays it in iTunes. Not really what I want just now.
but basically, its on IP 11.

Now I also have on on the OSX machine, streaming on a different port and IP. Like this:
Note that this one is on IP 15

So, this means I can have the same stream coming through up to 5 different IP addresses. Can't think of a use for that yet, but what the heck. It's pretty neat.

I am actually getting stuff set up for the coming release of SAMBroadcaster on Mac.
Incidentally, it creates two listing on shoutcast.com? Not sure if that's a good thing or a bad thing?

Stations Genre Listeners Bitrate Type
Quantum Radio Misc 1 48 AAC
Quantum Radio Misc 0 48 AAC
However, if there was a Shoutcast DSP for Winamp for Mac, I could change that?

Oh well. That's why I moved to Mac. Windows Watchdog Error, and the machine shut down. What a piece of rubbish that OS is.

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wow, that's crazy!!! ... streaming to 5 different private IP addresses all from one stream ... you must be a witch or something

Is it just me or are shoutcast users getting dumber?
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[QUOTE=ShanghaiTimes;3013453However, if there was a Shoutcast DSP for Winamp for Mac, I could change that?.[/QUOTE]it doesn't really matter since there is no means to run like that. as that client had no plug-in system and there were never any plans to do so for it - if that changes assuming that client comes back in some form I don't know but I still doubt it.
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