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Well, I finally got my new skin graded. It only took 65 days, which is 5616000 seconds if I did my math right. But that's not the reason I am here. The skin that was finally graded had a lot of time put into it. I fixed it up to the best I could do, {made it with crappy MS paint (if anyone wants to give me a _good_ paint program, contact me)} and it is the best skin I ever made and it got a three!! A three!! that's average! Compared to half the skins on winamp.com, it's great. So tell me what you think about the grading of skins and how mine looks, here's the link:


(Download it because the .jpg file looks like crap)
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hmm... sorry, but i kinda agree. maybe a low 4, but i think 3 is kinda ok.

the buttons (playlist, and main) are just outlines of the orig. base skin. the buttons for min, max, exit, etc are the same old, and dont quite match the feel for the skin.

oh, and too many shades of green. the dark lizard, the green play (stop?) button in the number panel, and the random dashboard lights.

and the buttons are kinda hard to distinguish in small windowshade mode.

oh well.

its still better than my old mspain skin

(dont ask, and dont bother searching. its probably been shamed by being taken off.)

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