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Is Winamp still being developed - and if not, how about...

If not, how about releasing Winamp as open source? Let the community keep it playing, and see what they can make of it.

It's a fantastic player, with a lot of heitage. Seems like a waste to let it sit non updated.
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....I slowly get the mind that Dr. O was right, putting something opensource
does not mean there will be "magically" be more active developement.
as seen with Milkdrop which is already open Source. Sadly no one picked up the developement. I would by myself, but dont know what I could do with only good Java and Web knowledge....
What I would love to see for Winamp is some kind of "Crowd funding" e.g "Save the Lama"
sothat there is money to bring stuff forward....

What I would love is that Radionomy would be more clear where things are, and
especially where the problems are. many Companies use Crowdfunding to speed up
some things. And I think it is a good way to show that a Software has a serious user base.

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And this includes need for WinAmp to get around problems with Samsung KNOX that take tons of CPU that makes WinAmp seem like it is running at a Priority Importance Process of 200 instead of 130, which is why WinAmp has been slow to make progress, when WinAmp Shutdown, KNOX was still in Beta Testing and not Released on Any Phones, and I suspect right now WinAmp may not be able to be available on Android now that Samsung KNOX has caused many problems with many Music Players and Stuttering in Music.
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