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sysregion="-2" don't work when da is on?!?

ok i have layout like this:
PHP Code:
<layout id="normal" background="bg" w="287" h="357" droptarget="pldir" desktopalpha="1" forcealpha="1"
text object needed for xui eq slider (to display hint in songticker) -->
text id="bypass.hint" x="0" y="0" w="100" h="0"/>

eq drawer -->
group id="equalizer" x="-8" y="152" w="273" h="146" sysregion="1"/>
layer id="eqregion" x="-17" y="152" image="layer.eq.region" sysregion="-2"/>
normal layout -->
layer id="background" x="0" y="0" image="player.background" sysregion="1"/>
group id="player.layout.normal" x="0" y="0" w="287" h="357" sysregion="1"/>
eq drawer script -->
script id="eq.script" file="scripts/equalizer.maki" param="-8,245,287,517"/>

as you see i have eq drawer and when its closed you can see it on another end of skin i tryed to fix this putting layer above eq group and setting it sysregion="-2" and its ok, eq is not visible when closed but thats only when desktop alpha is turned off! and when da is on you can see black shape (that layer) above eq!!

any help with this?

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Is this a round skin or something? Because else it would slide beyond the background and therefore you couldn't see it anymore, since nothing can be outside the background.

Oh and it could be that your transparent layer with which you want to cut of the pieces of drawer is not fully transparent (accidently alpha 1 or something), and therefore it freaks out when desktopalpha is off.

[edit] oh i'm sorry, it freaks out when desktopalpha is ON, I have no clue then... [/edit]
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