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Winamp3's About Dialog!!!

Yes, winamp has an about screen. Right now I'm NOT talking about that fanacy one with the credits. It has one of those ordinary "About" screen that is all gray and ugly.

* Note you need a special program to view it *

I swear this is true, I even took a screen cap of it. You can view the screen cap below. So here's what is says:

\**** Censored For Little kids ****\

Oh, you want to know "About Winamp" huh? Well, let me tell you "About Winamp":
Winamp fucking rules. Winamp kicks your AND your mother's ass. Winamp had your dog this morning as well, and it was all good.

Winamp is the leading cause of spontaneous monkey-butt-fucking in america today.

It's THAT good.

\* Closed Censore For Little kids *\

Mostly of what they said is true so for those of you who don't believ e me you can look at this picture I took.

\**** Censored For Little kids ****\

\* Closed Censore For Little kids *\

As you can see I took this screen shot while I was typing this message.

It hope this creats some chat. Chow. -77700
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Ohhh, old old old news.


And many many more, you used to be able to activate it in the early alpha's with the ? key.
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Thats cool
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