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life sucks

I'm pretty sure that Winamp 3 suffers from feature bloat. Let me check... Yes, there are too many features that sound cool in a marketing meeting but are not relevant to the product's true purpose. Video player? Why? Lack of tried and true features from the previous rev? HUH?

The whole philosophy of Nullsoft has always been to create an MP3 player that "doesn't take over your system like some other players." Well, that's no longer the case. It's less intrusive than Real Player (which is truly evil) but Winamp 3 is still a total resource hog. And for what?

I guess those guys at Nullsoft had to make a lot of busy work for themselves before they all got laid off by their corporate overlords. I feel sorry for them. Another brilliant, innovative organization chewed up and spit out by greedy thieving corporate execs.

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I declare this thread dead.

If you were bashing WA3 than ok id put *whacked* here, well itll be *whacked* soon enough. Bashing Nullsoft is bad.

(I didnt call a Mod)

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