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Do you really want feedback? what a rigmarole just to feedback some information to you. Its lucky I am in a good mood and its sunday morning cos normally I would have given up by now

I really do find it annoying to get AOL dumped all over the place. If I wanted AOL I could have got it by utilising the CDs which litter my post box. I hate the inertia selling whereby I have to opt out of junk being pushed at me rather than opting in to stuff I have expressed an interest in. As I am downloading via the internet why would I suddenly have a desire to change ISP anyway? I do not want to dance through a whole load of timewasting screens to get at what I want so AOL is not for me

I have been pleased with Winamp in the past but must admit to being disappointed at the initial appearnce of Winamp3, its fuzzy and the standard options are ugly in appearance. Why would I take the trouble to get a high definition screen to receive fuzzy images.

having doubled the size of individual components I then found I had to repeat the process when choosing the alternate skin, a nuisance. Why dont the components arrange themselves into a neat block instead of my continually having to do so? I am far from a pathological neatness freak but find the rearranging of components a persistent nuisance

Unless I can find some new killer features I will revert back to my previous version which gave me all that I wantted and I had under control

My intention was to give winamp feedback as an aid to product enhancement and marketing, I do not require a reply to any of the items above
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