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Looks NICE, Performs BAD

When I first got this program, i opened it (with a wait), and was quite impressed with its new look. I throughouly enjoyed its new features and looks, but unfortunalty, a few things out weigh these features.

- Slow Load
- Slow at restoring
- Gets lost when skipping through playlist in shuffle
- Plays videos up-side down
- An error pops up about 'Studio'
- Clicking ignor makes the situation 10x worse
- Seems to have a favourite track , whatever setting I have the shuffle rate on
- Also has a least favourite track, took 5x round the playlist in shuffle before eventually playing the song (and it then crashed )

But all the same, nothings perfect, and as i said before, its got great features! Keep workin on it guys. Ill jus give system details

CPU: 450mhz
RAM: 64mb
OS: Windows ME

Thank god i left v2.8 on...
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god damned learn to read. there is a reason we ahve a bitchlist.

Universal WA3 Bitchlist

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And another note...why has my message come up in general discusions when i entered it into the bitch list...
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Because you started a new thread, when there are two stickys at the top of Bitchlist, one explaining, and the other for posting in.

If I'd seen this first, I would've just merged it with the Official Thread (see dlinkwit27's post above)

However, seeing some or all of the issues you raised are either covered by the FAQ (which you obviously haven't read, hehe) or are issues that require technical support, then maybe Sawg should've moved this to WA3-TS instead?

At least you provided some of your system specs (tho' you missed out vital items such as sound & video cards, motherboard/chipset), albeit that (imho) you are a borderline case for min/recommended sys specs. Also, many of the features (especially with skins) don't work on Win9x/ME.

Seems you also haven't installed the official wa3update patch either.
I also wonder if you've ever updated DirectX (default with WinME is buggy v7.1)?
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Yep, your right, WinME is crap. No, i havn't got any new skins that only work for winXP!! Dont know all about my chipsets!

But i dont always moan! i do like the quickness of your responses and how to sort things out. Just remember that not everyone has a computer skill as yours...
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