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DJ Laetor
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I have followed many different sources to use the Disk Writer output plug-in, but even following step-by-step is not getting anything to happen. Pressing play still has output sent to the normal soundcard. No changes to any output plug-ins make any difference at all.

Is this feature even still supported???
Very frustrating.

-DJ Laetor (john_galt_prod@hotmail.com)
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Out of curisoty what type of file are you trying to convert to a wav, certain types (i.e. a cd if you do not have the CD Reader plugin will not work and do what you have described) of files do not work because the way they are played, get back to me and we'll see if we can't get this straightened out for you.

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DJ Laetor
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I was trying to record CD audio from my CD-Rom. After installing the CD Reader plug-in, it started "working" -- that is, it was treating track one of the CD (about a 4 minute song) as a 29-minute piece. And track 7, which is the one I want, it treated as being 22 seconds long -- about 1/8th the true length. In addition, all the WAV contained was silence, or weird ghost-like noises. I have decided to completely give up on WinAmp, mostly because it just doesn't work, and partially because of this incredibly clumsy "plug-in" interface (it's a bad joke). Having to remove the plug-in entirely in order to hear the music again is just plain silly. What, are we going to go back to a DOS command line now, too?

I picked up a copy of AudioGrabber, which made a very high-quality WAV of the CDDA file, quickly, easily, and intuitively. WinAmp designers could learn a few things by taking a look at this program.

Note to WinAmp: more FUNCTION, less FORM! It doesn't matter if it looks incredibly pretty and slick, if it doesn't work.

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