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Martha Stewart vs. Pyrex

Attention shoppers:
Here’s a nice little side-by-side product comparison review for you. The product: Rubber lids for glass Tupperware.

How they are alike:

Both are made of some kind of rubber.
Although they aren’t commonly found in the same store, they are both easy to find.
Both lids have written on them that they are refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, and microwave safe.

How they are different:

Martha Stewart lids have written on them that they are made in China.
Pyrex lids have written on them that they are made in the USA.
Pyrex products tend to be slightly more expensive but are still in the same ‘ballpark range’ in terms of pricing. The same sized Martha Stewart products tend to be a bit cheaper.
Pyrex lids are red and Martha Stewart lids are green.

The tests:

I made some nacho cheese “salsa con queso” with burger meat, jalapenos, onions, spices, etc. and used both brands to store, freeze, and microwave. I also used additional lids to put in the dishwasher. Here's the cheese - it doesn't look good but tastes delicious.


Both brands held their shape and stayed sealed, without contracting and popping off like some that I have seen in the past. Good so far...

Dishwasher (lids were placed on top rack of new Maytag dishwasher set to default settings):

The Pyrex lid held it’s shape and looked exactly the same as it did when I pulled it out of the box when brand new. After two cycles, it looked exactly the same and still fit its glass bowl perfectly with a seal.
The Martha Stewart lid deformed from the hot water in the dishwasher and no longer created a perfect seal on the glass bowl. After two cycles through the dishwasher, the lid had shrunk and deformed to the point where no amount of work would get the lid stretched enough to fit the bowl.


Both bowls (and lids) of salsa con queso were thawed and refrigerated. They had equal amounts (both full) and were completely thawed - nothing left frozen inside. They were simultaneously placed in a weak Kenmore microwave (with a spinning carousel) for three and 1/2 minutes. Both lids were slightly opened to prevent them from exploding off while the cheese heated.
Upon opening the microwave, they were both very hot but not boiling. The Pyrex lid held its shape, and because of that, stayed clean since it didn't dip into the food. Although too hot to touch with a bare hand, it was removed with a towel-covered hand easily, without losing its shape. The Martha Stewart lid had melted and expanded into the cheese to the point where holes were created in it, possibly releasing carcinogens and other toxins into the food as it melted. It was total FUBAR – fucked up beyond all repair/recognition. The food in that bowl was wasted, which really pissed me off. I realize I have over a gallon of this cheese mix in multiple small portions, but now I have lost some of it, and the leftover glass bowl is mostly useless since its matching lid had to be trashed.


Buying shit Tupperware at discount stores that’s made in China is not at all worth the money. For only a few cents more per item, you can pick up good shit at better stores that will last through common everyday use.

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