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Switched to liquid soap

I'd been using sc_trans for years but finally decided to make the jump to liquid soap. It took a little bit to understand how Ubuntu's package were configured to use it but it's working.

I noticed that when I check in the sc_serv's admin page, the liquid soap stream shows as a v1 source, as compared to sc_trans which showed as a v2 source. Is this expected behavior? The only other difference I notice is that the admin doesn't show the next song to be played. Everything seems to be working fine otherwise.

The liquid soap version is 1.1.1 and sc_serv version is

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liquidsoap does not know UltraVox 2.1 protocol, the "native" streaming protocol of DNASv2 - fortunately, DNASv2 can accept ICY (the very old protocol) source stream. However, the ICY protocol doesn't support features like "next track" or station art or album art amongst some others - but that's not really an issue because liquidsoap probably wouldn't have any way to send such information

in other words, this is expected behaviour

Is it just me or are shoutcast users getting dumber?
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