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Just a praise to the inventers

Hey guys! Yeah, you who invented this great little piece of software!

I really need to say that the Winamp player is the player on the web that is unbeatable the thing to have to play and listen to music on the computer. Especially with the 5.0 version you hit the base! The version before, which was it... the 3.somewhat?, the one you started from scratch! That one, after I installed it on my machine, really made me disappointed about you. It was crappy! Really, I need to say this because it is true! But, and this is really a big BUT, the current version, an actual improvement of the 2.x version is, yeah, really an improvement! It is great! Just great!

Keep up the work! But don't get lost in unnecessary tools or features!!

Best regards,
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just so you know... the plugin that makes modern skins possible (gen_ff.dll) is most of the wasabi skinning engine from winamp3 1.0, with a giant hack to make it work with the winamp 2.x engine.. So yah, winamp 5.x is great, but winamp3 could have been better if the devs had their way. winamp3 was not crappy, it was un-developed, and released far to early (thank you aol).

Just thought you should know the facts..
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Yup, as WHEREamI mentioned AOL "forced" a early release of Winamp3. Making for some very unhappy users because the WA3 was released before it was "up to par".
Originally posted by Jonas-chl
But don't get lost in unnecessary tools or features!!
That is the very reason why Winamp is made of modular design (plug-ins) and is highly configurable. The user can select the plug-ins and options he/she wants.
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Indeed. Never have my gay and faggish fantasies have been more realistically realized.
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