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Upgrading from MUI to MUI2?


is there an easy way to upgrade a MUI-based installer with multiple features (one extra page, language selection, ...) to MUI2?

I doubt changing the "include" line is enough...

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The short answer: changing the include line is enough.

The long answer, taken from the readme:
To upgrade a Modern UI 1.8 script, you should:
  • Insert the MUI2.nsh header file instead of MUI.nsh.
  • The macros for InstallOptions have been moved to a separate header file unrelated to the Modern UI. If you are still using InstallOptions for custom pages, insert InstallOptions.nsh and use the INSTALLOPTIONS_* macros instead of the MUI_INSTALLOPTIONS_* macros. The macros itself have remained the same.
  • Rewrite customization code for the Modern UI 1.8 welcome and finish pages in which the InstallOptions INI file is used. nsDialogs commands should be used instead.
  • Use the standard NSIS method to escape special characters in all texts. For example, $\r$\n creates newline.

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Ah, thanks!

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Any Visible Differences between MUI and MUI2?

I followed the upgrade (from MUI 1.8 to MUI 2) instructions here and it went well.

However, I couldn't notice any visible/visual differences in the my reslutant setup.exe.

After researching a little more, I discovered the following thread which explains the differences between MUI1 and MUI2:


Nice discussion

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