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i was so fucking bored that i made a small script that would generate a random phrase ( http://www.ice.kewlio.net/pixel.phtml?doc=self ). not enough to do.
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I'm bored, but i'm doing something constructive! I'm...I'm uh...uhh...mm..yeah! ok!! sure! n/m
/me thinks hard with dumbfounded look on face..daaaaarrrr!


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Mmmmm Diablo2 is pretty constructive...
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Man, either i'm pretty damn tired, or that shit is REAL FUNNY. Look at some of the stuff it came up with...

personal oversized matrix
shockproof parallel generator
wireless floating-point algorithm
virtual intuitive formula

ok...i guess i've been up too long

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That's definitely kewl, Ice. I wish I had enough free time to do stuff like that. I'd surely be more active in the Lame Ads thread. Keep up the good work.

Give me NyQuil and no one gets hurt!
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