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Where is a user listening from?

So, I really like to know exactly where my listeners are coming.
For instance, I have my station listed at TuneIn but I also have it listed via YP so that it will come up in a search on the shoutcast site.
Is there any possible way for me to figure out where the traffic is coming from?
Thanks in advance.
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not really as the listener connection is made between you and the listener once their player software has gotten the stream url from the playlist provided. as there's no tokens / referral values sent through on the request as a SHOUTcast listing is no more different than someone going directly to the DNAS server and clicking on the 'listen' link on the stream summary page.
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This is quite possible (visit my website and you will see the listener map). What you do is take the IP addresses of the listeners and pass them through an IP2GEO location service (I use Maxmind).

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that wasn't what was being asked. what was being asked is how to determine _what_ Directory a listener has come from and not the apparent location of the listener connection.
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Only foolproof identification you get is when they come in via an APP
since the APP´s name will show up as the useragent name.
My current experience is that 20-25% listen via APP´s
ofcourse you wanna be friends with those apps

If you have a website also...and a statscounter on it
you could look up if you find the same ip-adress in the
(came from) listing ..that will tell you how they came to your website
Since portals usually also provide a direct link to your website.
Unfortunately less then 5% (my experience) of listeners will also
visit your website...so you will be able to only identify les then 5% of your listeners
this way.

So in the end you might be able to find out on 30% where they came from.

Ofcourse you can also Google for your station´s name
and see who lists your station.
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