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Zoom Player 2.7 Final

History since 2.6:

* Some functions in this version were developed using the latest
versions of the OGG DirectShow filter (v0.9.9.1) and the DirectVobSub
DirectShow filter (v2.16). It is advised you use the latest versions

* It has come to my attention that the Zoom Player crashes with the
Terratec and Game Theater cards are related to a buggy DirectShow
filter installed by these cards. For more information on how to
resolve this issue load this address in your web browser:

* The Rewind command now works in Media Mode. Since DirectShow doesn't
really support rewind in Media Mode, this function uses time-based
seeking instead. It works well with MPEG1 files, with AVI files which
have low number of key-frames or slow seeking (MPEG4/DivX/etc), it
will still work, but may not update the image properly as it rewinds.
I did notice that FFDShow does update the screen while DivX 5.02 will
just display frames not relative to the actual position.
When playing OGM, you must disable the "Always Search to Keyframe"
setting in the OGG Splitter or the rewind will seek to the same frame
over and over.
You can set the rewind rate at "Options->Values->Playback".
Since there is no limitation imposed by DirectShow, I've set the
maximum rewind speed to 50 (50 seconds per second).

* New setting (Options->Settings->Interface) allowing the Control Bar
to pop when Rewinding in Media Mode. The importance of this is that
some files may not properly show a video image while rewinding, so
having the video position visible while rewinding may be important.
This setting is enabled by default.

* New setting (Options->Settings->Interface) allowing the Control Bar
to pop when Pausing.

* New Value (Options->OSD->Navigators) to enlarge the navigators font
size when in fullscreen mode. This only effects navigators with
non-fixed font size such as the File Navigator.

* New Value (Options->OSD->Navigators) allowing you to select how much
of the video area will be covered by the navigators. By default
this is 75%.

* New "Double Click" Toggle (Options->Settings->Mouse Toggles) that allows
you to open the File Open dialog if no file is currently loaded.

* New "On CD / DVD Insert" toggles (Options->Settings->Toggles) allowing
you to automatically load (and play) a Media CD. All valid media files
on the CD will be loaded into the Play List (clearing any previous Play
List). Prerequisites are that the CD drive is specified (Options->Values)
and that Zoom Player is actually loaded.
VCD and SVCD discs are considered a Media CD and are only the MPEGAV (VCD)
and MPEG2 (SVCD) directories are loaded.

* Menu Context Menu Specification interface(Options->Values->Other).
Using this interface you can specify which functions are available
within the Right-Click Context Menu.
For more information, see "default.menu" in the Zoom Player directory.

* New internal screen saver option. By default it is active after
30 minutes of inactivity.
Inactivity is defined as "not playing, no keyboard, no remote,
no mouse activity and in Fullscreen mode". A DVD Menu is considered
"not playing".

* New Definition File function allowing you to run external programs.
This can be used in both DVD and Media files and can be useful for
running such programs as PowerStrip to pre-configure your hardware
on a per-title basis.

* New Definition File function to delay processing for a specified
number of seconds. Useful when running external programs.

* New Definition File function to bring the Zoom Player window
back to the front (in case some other application stole focus).

* New DirectShow Filter Registration dialog (Options->Manual Filters),
allowing you to register/unregister DirectShow filters with ease.
Default Profiles include support for DivX 3.11, DivX 4&5, XviD,
FFDShow, Elecard MPEG2, Microsoft MPEG4, WinDVD, PowerDVD, CineMaster,
DirectVobSub, etc...

* New Skinning value (iTransColor) that allows you to specify an RGB
transparency color. By specifying this value part of the form will
become transparent allowing background windows to be visible through it.
This basically enables you to draw non-rectangular skins.
Transparent skins requite a bit more CPU time to redraw so they're
probably not the best for low-end systems.

* New Skinning constants allowing you to center objects within the
main user interface and within the control bar. The constants are:
<WinHalfWidth>,<WinHalfHeight>,<cBarHalfWidth> and <cBarHalfHeight>.

* New Skinning function that allows you to specify a bitmap to be
drawn at the active timeline position. You can see this in practice
in the default skin by looking at the timeline area between the
active/inactive areas, there's a slight shading in between them now.

* New Skinning functions that allow you to specify a bitmap for
the beginning and end areas of the timeine. Using this function
allows you to display a non-rectangular timeline area.

* The Transparency value of a created Button will now actually create a
non-rectangular button. This allows you to have overlapping buttons
areas which don't interfere with clicking. A good use for this feature
would be a DVD Navigational control wheel.

* Removed the following redundant skinning codes:
1. "RateVis"
Now set to Visible when RateData function is called.
2. "VolVis"
Now set to Visible when VolumeData function is called.
3. "tLineVis"
Now set to Visible if tLineColor or TimeLineFG is called.
4. "tLineBitmap"
Now set to bitmap when TimeLineFG is called.
5. "cBarTLBitmap"
Now set to bitmap when TimeLineCBarFG is called.

No actual changes in pre-existing skins is required.

* New Setting (Options->Settings->Other) to enable outlining of the
timeline display text.

* New Setting (Options->Settings->Interface) to "Remember Window State
on Exit". When enabled, the Window size is remembered. If Zoom Player
is currently in Zoom Mode, it is also remembered.

* New Setting (Options->DVD->Auto AR) allowing you to Enable/Display the
Automatic DVD Aspect Ratio. This setting can be toggled by pressing
Ctrl+"T" or by using a system message. This setting is useful if you
want to temporarily disable Automatic Aspect Ratio support without
having to enter the options dialog.

* New Value (Options->Overlay Colors) allowing you to set the
percentage the overlay color controls will be modified by when
using the keyboard/remote commands.

* New Toggle (Options->Settings->Toggles) to switch between various
functions assigned to the navigational arrow keys (when not in
a DVD Menu or a Navigator). By default the arrow keys are assigned
to reposition the video. However, you can also assign it to:
- Seek within the Timeline
- Zoom Width/Height
- Volume Control
- Tracks and Chapters
- Disabled

You can also switch between the active arrow functions by using
Ctrl+"PgUp" and Ctrl+"PgDn".

* New item on the Task Bar right-click Context Menu allowing you
to reset the window position (in case it somehow disappeared
off the screen).

* New Context Menu for the Tray Icon (when used).

* New Command line Parameter, Using the "/Trailer" parameter allows
you to set the DVD Trailer definition file. For example:
"zplayer.exe" /trailer:"z:\my config\dts.trailers"
"zplayer.exe" /trailer:""
The second example disables the use of the trailer definition file.

* New Command Line Parameter, Using the "/Blank" parameter, video
blanking will be automatically enabled when Zoom Player is started.

* The Ctrl+"B" Subtitle cycle function is now OGM compatible.
In DVD Mode it will cycle through the DVD Subtitle tracks.
In Media mode Zoom Player will first look to see if VobSub is
loaded and contains active subtitle tracks. If none are found
then OGM subtitle tracks will be used. There seem to be a bug
in VobSub that causes it to display a ghost subtitle entry on
some systems. In these cases, OGG subtitle tracks will get
This function will also enable the Subtitle if only one was

* The Shift+"B" Subtitle Disable fuction is now OGM compatible.
Any active subtitle track will be disabled once this function
is called.

* The Ctrl+"A" Audio Track cycle function is now OGM compatible.
In DVD Mode it will cycle through the DVD Audio Tracks.
In Media Mode it will first check there are more than one audio
renderers (like in the case of Multi-Audio AVI files) and switch
between them. If only one audio renderer is found, it will look
for OGG Audio Tracks and cycle through them instead.
The only problem with this now is that there's a bug in the OGG
DirectShow filter that causes it to generate two audio renderers
when an AC3 audio is encoded into the OGM file. Even so, Zoom
Player should work well in this situation.

* The Ctrl+"N" Angle cycle function is now OGM compatible.
In DVD Mode it will cycle through the DVD Angles.
In Media Mode when more than one OGG Video tracks are found,
this function will cycle through the Video tracks.

* The Next/Previous Chapter functions will now switch between
OGG chapters as long as no Zoom Player chapters are defined
for the playing file.

* The Chapter Navigator interface is now OGM compatible.
If no Zoom Player chapters exist for a specific Media file,
OGG Chapters will be navigated (if available).

* Zoom Player will now automatically determine when it can't
save a chapter file to the same directory as the media file
and in such cases, it will save the chapter files in a local
directory (within the Zoom Player directory). When loading
media files, this directory will also be checked for the
existence of a chapter file. This makes chapter support for
files on CD transparent.

* New chapter scripting command "AddChapterBySecond" allows you
to specify a chapter position in seconds rather than frames.

* New chapter scripting command "AddChapterByTime" allows you
to specify a chapter position in hours minutes and seconds
instead of frames.

* The Default DVD and Media skins have been updated with a few more
buttons (especially to support the new OGM feature-set).

* Zoom in/out is now calculated on a sub-pixel level, allowing for
more accurate video position.

* The Fit to Source function now respects the Zoom 200% status.

* The File Navigator is quite a bit faster now (especially in
directories containing a lot of files or network drives).

* Zoom to Fullscreen is now part of the Girder export group.

* Pressing [BACKSPACE] on the Play List Navigator will now clear
the play list and close the navigator.

* The Language Media context menu entry can now control multiple
IAM_StreamSelect (OGG Splitter / DirectVobSub) interfaces. I did
notice that there still is some instability between OGG, XviD (DivX
as well?), the various and complex OGG structures (lots of chapters,
subs, audio and video tracks). OGG will simply kill Zoom Player, no
message no nothing, Zoom Player will simply vanish. And note that
this isn't specific to Zoom Player, The OGG filter will also do the
same to Media Player.

* A lot of the error dialogs dealing with the main user interface
have been replaced with a special error dialog that can be closed
using a remote (by sending either the [Enter] or the [Escape]
navigational keys).

* Ejecting under Windows 95/98/ME should no longer open a dialog
informing you that the disc is in use (when playing a file on that

* Playing a file off CD, then exiting Zoom Player, ejecting the CD
and then reloading Zoom Player should no longer pop a notification
dialog asking to insert the CD.

* The File Navigator should no longer prompt you to insert the CD if
one was removed.

* The Navigators should no longer close when a new file is loaded.

* Ejecting in Media Mode should now close the playing media file.
unfortunately, There doesn't seem to be a method to identify which
CD was ejected, as such any CD ejected Media will close a media file
if it was playing off a CD.

* The "Auto-Size User Interface to fit Source Video Size" setting
now effects the window size even if the video was loaded while
in fullscreen.

* Using INSERT within the File Navigator now works properly under
Windows 95/98/ME.

* There was a one second offset error to the Mouse and Control
auto-hide delay functions.

* Vastly reduced Windows 95/98/ME system resource usage.

* Fixed a "List Index out of Bound" bug involving deleting items
off the Play List Navigator.

* The mouse cursor now hides properly when placed over the location
of the hidden Control Bar.

* The Screen Saver prevention code now works differently and should
no longer conflict with other applications.

* Fixed it so that the Chapter list would clear when a new video
is opened.

* Fixed a problem where the Overlay Color Controls were not being
applied initially on DVDs that don't contain a chapter notification
on their starting title.

* Made a few changes to the DVD Subtitle/Audio menu listing code, this
"may" fix problems non-english versions of windows.

* A few minor changes and fixes to the File Navigator.

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