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New Monitor + 3D = FUCK YEAH!!

so recently my old shitty LG (never had anything from LG that i actually liked instead of putting up with) decided to kick the bucket and just wouldn't turn on one morning.

so i replaced it with the ASUS VG236H LCD monitor which came bundled with the nvidia 3d vision glasses and so far, I FUCKING LOVE THIS THING.

120hz refresh rate native?
that alone is nearly enough of a reason to put a 3D monitor on your shopping list.
i don't know about most people but 60hz refresh rate... it screws with my eyes.
i don't give a shit if you think it's not possible to notice the difference, it is and it's a very big difference, maybe you can't tell the difference but that doesn't mean no one can.

now, i won't go to the length that one reviewer did when doing a write up on this monitor and claim that 120hz refresh rate was enough to hold my attention merely moving windows around for hours on the screen and being dazzled by the fluidity of it, it's not a night and day difference, but it is a severely less eyestrain difference and i can tell a bit that things moving around on the screen are more fluid due to the doubled refresh rate and even better doubled maximum frames per second cap in fullscreen stuff.

the screen is way too shiny for my tastes, but then again it's only really noticeable on a pure black background, still.... i could nearly use this as a mirror if i turn it off, asus you know how to build components and screens better than this, stop acting like you don't.

the reflectiveness of the screen though isn't really that noticeable except when a fullscreen game/app is switching resolutions for the most part.

now on to the part that's worth mentioning (120hz refresh rate is the current standard, not a new one, nothing to write home about and not something to brag about either really) the 3D glasses and 3D effect that comes with using them is the single best thing i've ever added to my gaming computer, all there is to it, this IS a never looking back never being satisfied with less upgrade easily.

i will admit that developer support isn't always so great, so the amount of games that look awesome in 3D and unfortunately the amount that work out of the box in 3D is fairly small and even the ones where 3D is flawless and working with no brainpower from me, developers aren't really programming with 3D in mind as the norm yet, they are for the nintendo 3DS but.... that's a crappy handheld that nintendo is having trouble giving away and also uses an entirely different 3D method as well.

basically that last paragraph boils down to the people creating games (for the most part) see it as a visual effect, a way to make things more interesting and pretty, instead of something that inspires new ways of leveraging it. in other words, more an additive than something that gives you ideas for entire new ways to play games or entire new genres even.

however for some games just having depth perception even if only the illusion of depth perception is a truly wonderous thing that i personally can't see how i lived without, i will never play another racing game in 2D again if i can avoid it, it's a total no brainer for the genre and having depth perception actually does seem to help judge the next corner or how close you're about to cut it to another racer when you try to overtake.

i can see how it'd be a decent thing to have in shooter games and stuff too but... you can't ever see a projectile in the air, so it'd be nice to have but a bit less useful next time you're playing call of derpy.

i'm actually surprised with how satisfied with the compatibility of 3D i am, games that are listed as "3D ready" are the ones that really sing and truth be told, it's a short list, but at the same time if you're willing to spend a few seconds messing with the depth and convergence settings before you start playing a lot of the ones listed as less than top notch compatible it's mostly about the same as playing it 2D, a fair amount have problems, or clouds that render right next to your eyeballs but most work fine and really just need to you fiddle with the depth to find a reasonable setting first.

the main problem i've found by far with 3D is HUD elements, they almost never render at a depth that's comfortable to focus on unless the HUD hides itself entirely, trackmania is a prime example of what i mean, the game world, the cars, the tracks, everything looks spectacular and 3D works really good in this game, but if you look at the HUD mistakenly for long enough for your eyes to try to focus on it suddenly you're seeing two of the game world.

then again, HUD elements aren't always a problem either, even when they are ALWAYS there, test drive unlimited 2 for instance has a HUD that really never goes away when you're driving around and has yet to distract me or make my eyes focus at the wrong depth, NOT ONCE, no double HUD, no double game world, i can let my eyes focus on either and it doesn't make anything else look any different or go outta whack.

lastly, the monitor itself in 3D with the glasses on, it looks gorgeous, i've personally yet to see any games have noticable ghosting issues, everything draws lightning quick thanks to the monitor's 2 millisecond response time and disappears just as quickly when it should, the HUD thing i mentioned with trackmania is a game problem and really nothing the monitor can do about it in the first place, about all anyone can do about it is set it up so that the HUD and everything else render at a much closer perceived depth to each other.

the only complaint at all so far i can muster is the loss of brightness, but honestly adjusting the gamma settings fixes that right up in game.

so yeah, basically in a nutshell, the 3d vision glasses by nvidia are epic (obvious, goes without saying) and at least this monitor is nice enough and modern enough that most of the issues with early 3D monitors.... i couldn't even define them for you, they don't happen here.
also, might i add that if i had to guess, most of those issues could probably be linked to a horribad 5millisecond GTG response time as well and.... well... if you buy a 5millisecond response time monitor... you made your bed, and shit in it on your own, so have fun sleeping in that.

so much for 3D being a gimmicky, poorly thought out and under-developed technology...

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