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Help with Album Art API

Hello. I am working on adding additional features to an output plug-in. To that end, I am trying to get the album art for the currently playing track. I have had reasonable success in working with the SDK version 5.55 to get the album art of an mp3 with the cover art embedded within the ID3 tag (see below). I have not been able to successfully get the album art for a file where the artwork is linked using the artwork browser provided in Winamp (mp3 and jpg are in same directory). Is it possible to get the artwork for a track that is in an external file through the plug-in APIs?

I am including below what I am currently doing from my output plug-in. Excess checks and what not have been removed to keep it focused on happy path...


_apiService = reinterpret_cast<api_service*>(
SendMessage(_playerWindow, WM_WA_IPC, 0, IPC_GET_API_SERVICE));
if (_apiService == reinterpret_cast<api_service*>(1)) {
// service interface not supported
_apiService = NULL;
} else if (_apiService != NULL) {
_memMgmtServiceFactory =
_memMgmtService =
_albumArtServiceFactory =
_apiService->service_enumService(svc_albumArtProvider::getServiceType(), 0);
_albumArtService =

if (_albumArtService != NULL && _memMgmtService != NULL) {
void* imageData = 0;
size_t imageSize = 0;
wchar_t* imageType = 0;
const int returnCode = _albumArtService->GetAlbumArtData(
filePath, L"cover", &imageData, &imageSize, &imageType);
if (returnCode == 0) {
assert(imageData != NULL && imageSize > 0 && imageType != NULL);
std::memcpy(&artworkData[0], imageData, imageSize);
ConvertWideCharStringToUTF8(imageType, artworkType);
artworkType = "image/" + artworkType;

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