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Audio adverts.

Ever been to a site.. (questionable or otherwise), and been annouyed by a peice of audio which just annouys you so much you turn off the speakers?.. imagine that suddenly had a classical background track.. would it sound strange?

You decide.

Strange porn advert, with added bach

you got one you would like so share?
(no links to sites other than yourt own please, and keep it clean)
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I don't have any examples to give audibly, but the one I hate the most is the one that comes up on Kazaa that starts off something like "Hey, over here..." These new audio ads are going to be the death of me, well, either me or my computer moniter.
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The worst one is one that appears on various crack sites that advertises porn. Its so damned irritating.
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the 'press p for hardcore porn with beautiful girls' one is REALLY annoying, especially if you want to go to a site with 'p' in the name :|
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AHH, I didn't know it would open in Winamp X_X -Searches for all his MP3 and .WAV Files and puts them back in winamp, deleting hundreds of files so that he can listen to music all uninterrupted by Windows sounds and stuff-

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