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Dr Robotnik
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I know it might not sound that improtant but i use winamp literally 24/7 the only time its ever turned off is when my comp has to restart, ive noticed after a couple of days that when i select random winamp actually plays the songs in a particualr order. i know it sounds stupid but i dont like it when i know witch song will be played next, it would be good if winamp selected a compleatly random song each time but just make sure the same song isnt played twice and stuff.
thank for listning
Dr Robotnik
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yah, the word random is not exactly accurate. The word shuffle would be better. truly random would allow for the same song to be played 2wice in a row, while shuffle (just like shuffling cards) puts the song in a random order and repeats that until you shuffle again. What would be perfect would be a check box to reshuffle after all the songs were played.
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Well, Are you actually selecting random? Because the buton on the main screen of winamp says "Shuffle" (if you are using the base skin anyway). The buttons at the bottom of the playlist include "Misc". If you click on that (left-click), 3 more buttons pop up, one is "Sort". From that menu you can randomize your playlist. I keep a big playlist (3500+ currently) and have it sorted and saved in path/filename order. Then I can play an album with shuffle turned off, or listen to the whole kit and kaboodle with shuffle turned on, OR (this is the important one for me), I can take that list, randomize it (without saving it), and let Winamp crawl down the random list, while showing what the next song coming up will be. I like to use that because I broadcast with Shoutcast and the plugin "Do Something" by Oddsock. That plugin can look at your playlist and create html files of recently/currently played(-ing)songs and the next-up song. It doesn't work if you have shuffle turned on because it doesn't know what the next song will be. So I randomize the list and turn shuffle of when I broadcast. If you need more details, I always glad to help

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