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missing android portable plugin

I am new to Winamp and want to use it to sync my library to my android phone.

My winamp is a clean fresh install but it does not recognise my phone. Looking at the portable plugins, I can only see I pod and Wifi. Any help would be much appreciated as I have been struggeling to find a solution.

OS Windows 8 64 Bit,
Winamp 5.63
Samsung Galaxy S3 with Sandisc 64gb sd card.

<< Input plug-ins >>

Nullsoft AVI Demuxer v0.7 [in_avi.dll]
Nullsoft CD Plug-in (MusicID 2.6) v3.92 [in_cdda.dll]
Nullsoft DirectShow Decoder v1.08 [in_dshow.dll]
Nullsoft FLAC Decoder v2.6 [in_flac.dll]
Nullsoft Flash Video Decoder v1.4 [in_flv.dll]
Nullsoft MIDI Player v3.5 [in_midi.dll]
Nullsoft Matroska Demuxer v0.7 [in_mkv.dll]
Nullsoft Module Decoder v2.90 [in_mod.dll]
Nullsoft MPEG Audio Decoder v4.98 [in_mp3.dll]
Nullsoft MP4 Demuxer v2.5 [in_mp4.dll]
Nullsoft NSV Decoder v1.7 [in_nsv.dll]
Nullsoft Vorbis Decoder v1.6 [in_vorbis.dll]
Nullsoft Waveform Decoder v3.19 [in_wave.dll]
Nullsoft Windows Media Decoder v3.6 [in_wm.dll]

<< Output plug-ins >>

Nullsoft Disk Writer v2.14 [out_disk.dll]
Nullsoft DirectSound Output v2.6 (d) [out_ds.dll] [active]
Nullsoft WaveOut Output v2.13 (d) [out_wave.dll]

<< Visualisation plug-ins >>

MilkDrop v2.25 [vis_milk2.dll] [active]
Nullsoft Tiny Fullscreen v2.12 [vis_nsfs.dll]

<< DSP plug-ins >>

Nullsoft Signal Processing Studio DSP v0.39b [dsp_sps.dll]

<< General Purpose plug-ins >>

Nullsoft Modern Skins Support v1.42 [gen_ff.dll]
Nullsoft Global Hotkeys v1.91 [gen_hotkeys.dll]
Jump To File Extra v1.2.5 (Build 1160) [gen_jumpex.dll]
Nullsoft Media Library v3.61 [gen_ml.dll]
One for Nunz v5.11 [gen_nunzio.dll]
Nullsoft Tray Control v2.41 [gen_tray.dll]

<< Media Library plug-ins >>

Nullsoft Local Media v3.04 [ml_local.dll]
Nullsoft Playlists v1.21 [ml_playlists.dll]
Nullsoft Device Manager v1.0 [ml_devices.dll]
Nullsoft Portable Music Player Support v1.32 [ml_pmp.dll]
Nullsoft Auto-Tagger v2.04 [ml_autotag.dll]
Nullsoft Replay Gain Analyzer v1.2 [ml_rg.dll]
Nullsoft Format Converter v2.71 [ml_transcode.dll]

<< Portable Media Player plug-ins >>

Nullsoft iPod Plug-in v0.84 [pmp_ipod.dll]
Nullsoft Wi-Fi Device Plug-in v1.5 [pmp_wifi.dll]

<< Encoder plug-ins >>

MPEG-4 AAC Encoder v1.04
SHOUTcast MPEG-2 ADTS-AAC Encoder v1.04
FLAC Encoder v2.3 (libFLAC v1.2.1)
MP3 Encoder v1.36
Ogg Vorbis Encoder v1.5 (aoTuV b6.03)
WAV Encoder v1.02a
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Run the Winamp 5.63 full installer again.

Make sure "Android device support" is checkmarked in the "Winamp Library > Portable Media Player Support" section on the "Choose Components" page of the Installer Options.
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Omg, Thank you!
It worked, currently syncing - yay
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