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Unhappy Winamp Android cannot find all music files

Essential problem: Winamp on my Droid cannot find all of the music files I transferred over using the latest Winamp on Windows.

(I am sorry if this has already been answered, but I could not find a clear answer anywhere)

I installed the latest version of Winamp, transferred over a few albums to my USB-connected Droid, and fired up Winamp on my Droid. There I found that some albums were missing after it was done searching the SD card. According to Astro File Manager, the files ARE there, but Winamp cannot find them. Plugging the phone back into my computer, I see that Winamp desktop also confirms those files to be there.

Since the default music player displays the same list of songs (with the same ones missing), I looked into trying to "refresh" the search for music. I did this by deleting the data from the Media Storage App and re-mounting the SD card. However, the search finds only the same songs as before.

So I guess my problem lies with the desktop version of Winamp? Is there some sort of tag that needs to be changed/updated for these files, as it is always the same ones that are missing? Is there maybe a better solution for transferring these files over?

Any help would be appreciated
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similar issue

My issue to this is similar

sometimes I transfer music, and everything is fine, then other times, I cannot see not just the new music I transferred, but the music I transferred after the initial transfer (meaning, I only see the first 3 albums I transferred when testing it out the first time)
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have to take that back. the music I thought was from the first transfer aren't, they are from dropbox. The music I transferred appears to still be on the sd card, but are just not seen by winamp...
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I have a similar problem.

I can discover my device fine, and the desktop program will show the correct number of tracks and even list the playlists supposedly on the device, but on the Android the playlists are all empty! Also I can verify the presence of the songs using the Windows file browser, and (even play them!) but the device will not, displaying a message "Sorry, the player does not support this type f audio file."

I'm syncing the entire music collection, not the playlists, and I set it up to go into a Music folder, not the root folder as it did the first time I sync'd.
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similar problems with winamp for android

I transferred some files two nights ago via wireless. Last night I transferred more files by isn't cable. Everything was there. I listened to a lot of the music. This morning, I go to play my music, and the files transferred par night were not showing up. However, the files I loaded two nights ago did.

Looking at the SD card I see all of the files. But it appears Winamp did not save the registration of the files I recently uploaded. I guess I have to use something else until they fix it.
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I've learned the hard way, always learn to back up your music and other files as often as you can.
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Similar problem:

Unmount(deactivate) your sdcard and mount again.

it worked for me.

I did it by the "parameter" section in Winamp. It is a link to tha android menu.
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