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DirectX initialization failed (CreateDevice; code 2154)

Okay I'M sorta Still New to Winamp. I've only been using it for the last year along with Shoutcast to Listen to music on my desk top PC...through the internet. I LOVE THE PLAYER and used it carefree With my last PC before It suffered a Power Surge Death.
I use THERE.com as well. THERE uses Shoutcast to play music in-world but not the Winamp player so I have no problems with playing music in-world.

I just have a problem with my NEW to Me PC now when trying to play tunes. I have had to reinstall Winamp every day for the past sseveral days with my New PC in order to get to EVEN SEE & use the Skin in it's intended format... and to be able to see Visualizations. I have seen some items in forums about the message I'm recieving when I click the Visualizations Tab when in this altered state of a skin::: BUT & here's the Big BUT>>> the real issue is that the Player is opening in an altered appearance Like as if It was in SAFE MODE!!! The Skin looks bad and then if I try to Open the Visualizations I get the message = "DirectX initialization failed (CreateDevice; code 2154)Ofetn this means you don't have enough video memory"

I AM Sure the real problem lies in the PC, The Player & Some SETTINGS therein before the player loads.

I have a friend who's and IT guy who sold me the PC and the Monitor. He has tried to help me and fiXed the problem when reseting the Bytes the Monitor was viewed in... but Every night I shut down the PC and when I come back to use The PLayer the Next day... WELL I'M BACK AT SQUARE ONE!

I figgured I could keep reinstalling Winamp everyday so That I can enjoy the Skin & Visuals in thier intended format Or I could SIGN UP & Join the Forums to see if anyone could be of assistance. I'm technical but I'm definately not a Super whiz at computer stuff. I can get most things taken care of by my self but this one is just way beyond me now. Besides Like I said I'm still farely New to Winamp & I do NOT Know the Ins& OUts to the Player AT ALL realy.

System Specs:

Westinghouse LTV27w7 (television monitor)
Dell Dimension 4600 (WITH A SEVERAL UPGRADES)
Windows XP
Winamp 5.53
Pentium 4 CPU 2.80 GHz Processor
40 GB IDE Harddrive
Lightscribe DVD burner
1.5 GB Ram
ATI Radeon 9800 Pro Video card with dual monitor output (VGA & DVI)
Legacy Audio / Video Capture / Multi Media device. (sound card), with Optical audio out.
Dynex 5.1 sound card.

*I may have to add More information to this post in the future if I've left something out.
Thanks a Million Mantras
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