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Syncing issues.


Im using the free version of WinAmp and running the Android app V1.1.1 (newest), and while trying to sync songs from my phone playlist to the phone its self, I keep coming across issues. Originally the USB syncing was running at around 1 song every 5 minutes, so swapped this out for WiFi syncing which then popped up and told me all the songs I had synced before were on my phone but not in my local media on my PC, WiFi then just stopped syncing every 10 minutes or so dispite the phone never sleeping and the winamp app always open, so I changed back to USB syncing.

Now every time I plug it in, it tells me a different number of songs need to be synced and a different number for the issue before about media found on device but not on the PC. This isnt down to the number changing because more songs are being added to the device as some times the number is too high (almost the entire playlist), and the next It gets almost all of the correct. It seems to be down to a naming issue, one album is showing the track numbers on the PC version but when on the phone the track number isnt showing up so it thinks the songs are different, dispite being the same file. But this is just one case, like I said this changes almost every time I plug my device in.

I realise this was quite complicated to read, but if anyone could offer any advice as to how to the winamp to properly sync all the correct songs to the phone, without thinking songs currently on the phone that it has previously synced, are new media that the local PC doesnt already have (which in reality, it does), it would be greatly appreciated.
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ı dont know
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